Getting Retirement Early

Recently there are so many people are looking for business, they try to do anything to get business and build a finance condition for their future. The others who fail in getting their business and finance condition, try to look for any kind of jobs using their ways to obtain the workplace, however another group of people want to leave their business and try to move into other workplace for many reasons such as getting bore, fail to reach their sales target, earned too little salary and feel unsatisfied with recent finance condition. These group of people feel on recent working situation not as expected, they claim their employer was fierce and so forth. They have desire to quit and leaving their job and eager to try and feel with the new atmosphere of life which call early retirement.

Many things may drive someone to take early retirement decision but one of possibility is, he or she has a wealth of finance condition upon such number of savings amount which can bring him or her into a live for early retirement.

Whatever decisions are taken, you should consider whether the motivation of taking decision to retire early has been accompanied by preparing such condition before leaving the workplace today. When it has not been done, it can create an uncertainty situation for the future like a deep sense of regretting because you are facing a reality after leaving the workplace without having adequate severance package. To start again with the new business activities and get such income level or facilities are not as easy as imagine, especially when your age has reached 50 years or over.

This is not a simple decision to be taken or just willingness to follow because it was such a hated task and work undertaken at this time. Just think back with a calm and use common sense to reconsider whether the decision to stop working was an unanimous motivation.

Perhaps the following three steps below can be used as a reference in making decisions to retire early.

  1. When the decision to stop working based on savings amount that can be used as a finance condition to build a circumstance into early retirement living, is it enough amount on savings enable to keep along life style like today? If part of the capital used to make investments, regardless of the results obtained by the investments, how long that the capital can be used to maintain the same lifestyle like today? Inflation factor and increasing health costs need to be considered.
  2. After doing a number of considerations, it turns out the decision to leave work / stopped working today without severance pay does not benefit as expected, the correct choice is to remain effective and continue with doing business by still working while continuing to increase savings. By continuing in doing business and work like today can keep the finance condition become more effective to be used at the retirement time. Along with keep working, think about ways to make any kind of investments using available funds today or join with the money market investment programs. When the decision to remain working more longer take place, it might be a chance to enjoy the unexpected favorable things happens such as the extension period of working from a year become two years. This means the opportunity to get a bigger pension amount. Another possibility, when the company do rationalized or savings program like layoffs of some employees, this kind of company motivation can also create an opportunity for employees to receive a severance package that will increase such finance condition that can be used at retirement moment.
    Try not to leave the workplace today because there is a reasonable certainty of business activity that can bring a power for earning money.
  3. Try to fill with a motivation plan what you want to do on your retiment days. You may decide to retire if you already have a business or working plan to do on your retiment days. Some people fill his retirement days by selling his recent house and then moved to the another smaller house which is more simple and start with a new life using the rest amount of cash. They fill their days by doing the unpermanent jobs which does not produce severe stress, the aim is filling time to spare with some social activities instead of earn money or create for a solid finance condition. Think once again before making a decision to stop working.

After some investigation, a person’s health condition is very influenced by the circumstances of his life and finance condition. People who have the joy and happiness in their life because of finance condition upon retirement still look health and good looking than those who were not able to feel joy and happiness of living upon their retirement.

Finally, ask yourself whether you really want to get your early retirement or simply just want to move out from your work place today because you not satisfy with the working situation. Both of the problems look similar but slight different, so the solution way for the next way out is different too.

Which decision you want to take, retire early or keep working until some day should be very well considered because whatever happens is better to try to survive through this process because the workplace is proven to have given assurance to work and earn revenue certainty.

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