Join As Free Member of PTC Site

This happened when I joined as a free member of a PTC site named . As same as with other PTC sites, allow us to do for request payment too but there is happening which really irritate me and feel disappoint with this PTC site when rejected my payment request several days after I did it even I repeat to do with payment request again on the second, third and fourth times to them. The PTC site named still rejected as long as you are trying to do again and again. Last, I realized that really does not allow us as free member to do for request payment to them and as a result I lost my dream of getting payment from because it can not be realized into real payment.

Because of the rejection matter done by spbux,com I remind you to consider when you want to join with any PTC site as what happened on me with especially when you want to become a paid member on this kind of PTC site. At the first time when I join as a free member with I don’t think if this PTC site is a cheat link especially to a free member like what happened on me. Nowadays I believe that there are still many other PTC sites do like had done. What do is different with the other one PTC site named which they already mentioned “only upgraded Trancebux Silver pay and Gold pay members can receive payments”. It means that you will never get or receive any payments from as a consequence of a free member. To know and to prove whether will pay to you or it is a cheat link too, I don’t make any statement or comment about it because I never become a paid member on it however becoming as a free member on you will earn Euro $ 0.05 per click but never be paid, that’s what happen with me on

If you are skeptic person or you don’t trust anymore on any PTC site but you still interest to know about and want to prove whether it is a cheat link or not, I suggest you to become a Silver member instead of a Gold member. You need to payout Euro $ 7 per month to become a Silver member than Euro $ 15 per month for a Gold member. Neither a Silver member nor a Gold member never give you a guarantee that they will pay to you however you have to get more loss if you be a Gold member then they really don’t pay to you.

For this reason, I invite all readers who wish to participate and bring your comment about; or another PTC sites like;; and others. Please send your stories and experiences to to be published so that we can interact each other and complement our information about those PTC sites that all of us should know. Due to space limitations on inbox, for the time being we do not receive any e-mail at and for those who had ever sent his or her story, information and experience about PTC sites, but not yet published, please resend yours to

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