Join As Free Member of PTC Site

This happened when I joined as a free member of a PTC site named . As same as with other PTC sites, allow us to do for request payment too but there is happening which really irritate me and feel disappoint with this PTC site when rejected my payment request several days after I did it even I repeat to do with payment request again on the second, third and fourth times to them. The PTC site named still rejected as long as you are trying to do again and again. Last, I realized that really does not allow us as free member to do for request payment to them and as a result I lost my dream of getting payment from because it can not be realized into real payment.

Because of the rejection matter done by spbux,com I remind you to consider when you want to join with any PTC site as what happened on me with especially when you want to become a paid member on this kind of PTC site. At the first time when I join as a free member with I don’t think if this PTC site is a cheat link especially to a free member like what happened on me. Nowadays I believe that there are still many other PTC sites do like had done. What do is different with the other one PTC site named which they already mentioned “only upgraded Trancebux Silver pay and Gold pay members can receive payments”. It means that you will never get or receive any payments from as a consequence of a free member. To know and to prove whether will pay to you or it is a cheat link too, I don’t make any statement or comment about it because I never become a paid member on it however becoming as a free member on you will earn Euro $ 0.05 per click but never be paid, that’s what happen with me on

If you are skeptic person or you don’t trust anymore on any PTC site but you still interest to know about and want to prove whether it is a cheat link or not, I suggest you to become a Silver member instead of a Gold member. You need to payout Euro $ 7 per month to become a Silver member than Euro $ 15 per month for a Gold member. Neither a Silver member nor a Gold member never give you a guarantee that they will pay to you however you have to get more loss if you be a Gold member then they really don’t pay to you.

For this reason, I invite all readers who wish to participate and bring your comment about; or another PTC sites like;; and others. Please send your stories and experiences to to be published so that we can interact each other and complement our information about those PTC sites that all of us should know. Due to space limitations on inbox, for the time being we do not receive any e-mail at and for those who had ever sent his or her story, information and experience about PTC sites, but not yet published, please resend yours to

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Does PTC Bring Income or Support Fraud

This is not a new information for all netters and those who looks for other side business or any kind of activity which bring income through websites which organized by PTC (Pay To Click). Nowadays there are more widely and easily to find sites that called PTC sites but unfortunately there are so many of those PTC sites that perform bad and fill of many kinds of fraud or scammers activities. That’s why most people agree to say that 97% of PTC sites are scams, we don’t want to judge in here whether this opinion is true or not. The aim of this article is to ask anybody to participate, care and bring their own experiences and informations about PTC sites that they have or ever happened. This necessary informations can be consumed by other people who needs to know about which PTC sites will bring income. The purpose of this delivery informations and exchange experiences are talking about PTC sites but it does not subject to destroy or harm the PTC’s activity that is still exist, feasible to operate and reliable. This article just an effort to provide early warning and protection for people to stay alert and avoid from the possibility of greater losses because of PTC sites that are not true alias detrimental to their followers. We suggest anyone to click on before making a decision to be a follower of PTC site and try to find out whether the PTC sites which you intend to join already included in the group of scamlist. If you need to know about the complaints or the stories from those who ever joined with PTC sites, you can access by clicking on, 94109.0.html and maybe you want to know about several warning informations against any deviation of PTC’s activity before you make your decision to join into any other PTC sites, this informations can be accessed by clicking on Some available reference for the PTC sites that may be tested to join can be seen in There are many other sites, more than those sites above that talk and provide many informations about the activities of the PTC sites, but they are still too little compared with rapid growth of those PTC sites that perform harming activities toward their followers. Maybe you should be as a “free member” on each PTC site before you make a decision to upgrade your member from free to a paid member. By being as a free member, you do a simple test on that PTC site which you joined in and you can take a conclusion by yourself whether that PTC site is an honest site or not and the result of the test will minimize upon your losses because you will never do any payout of your money if that PTC site is really prove as a cheat link. By becoming as a “free member” on several sites, you gain more various experiences such as the following :

A) Payment which should be obtained from the PTC site name; and after reaching the “minimum payout” are not as easy and fast as what we thought, none of them do to pay although request payout has conducted 4 days ago till 24 days ago. Usually they say:’’ As soon as your accounts balance hits our payout minimum, all payout requests will be processed within 24 hours.”

B) There is a PTC site which refuse our payment requests as it already hits the “minimum payout” by restoring our requested payment which we did several days ago into our account again, this was done by

C) Something happened on a PTC site name , after reaching the “minimum payout” and making the payment request on it, few days later after we did with our payment request, that site had “suspended” either temporarily or permanently. As a result, we can’t get any payout from them.

We are still going to inform this matter for all of you who is interesting to know anything about PTC sites, therefore among readers who has any experience or information about PTC sites, including the experience story of five PTC sites which we mention above, please do not hesitate to write down and send it to to be published since your information and experience is very useful for others. By using this article as a start moment to build a communication way as a mean to show about PTC sites to all readers, we hope that each of us will gain more comprehensive opinion and wise attitude toward PTC sites. Once we know about its reputation, we can identify more easily, distinguish more clearly and choose the right one and legit PTC site which is doing the real business with honest and fairly. Finally, the continuation of this article depend on readers’ support and participation by giving or sending your stories about PTC sites, neither exciting nor disappointing when be a member of PTC sites.

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Getting Retirement Early

Recently there are so many people are looking for business, they try to do anything to get business and build a finance condition for their future. The others who fail in getting their business and finance condition, try to look for any kind of jobs using their ways to obtain the workplace, however Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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